Acrylic on canvas, 2019


Fire Heart

  • Fire is a Powerful Symbol That Played A Key Role in a history of Mankind.


    In ancient Europe, learned chemists talked about fire as a 'transmutation factor' because they believed that all things exploded from the fire and returned to the fire. The alchemists have an important concept of fire as ‘an Element which operates in the center of all things’, as a unifying and stabilizing factor.


    One of the most important alchemical symbols is an amazing mythical firebird, phoenix, a symbol of Sun, immortality, rebirth through fire and eternal life.

    The mythical phoenix dies by spontaneous combustion. It bursts into flames and disintegrates into ashes.

    Then, from the ashes, a new phoenix is born to live its live again.


    Fire represents eternity is through the metaphor of the “eternal flame.” So long as the symbolic flame burns, life and hope remain in this world.

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