Jewelry Care

The design and production of our pieces are made in Mexico. We work with one of the best workshops in the country and we find very careful, crafty and excellent quality pieces.

Taking care of them will help you to keep them in perfect condition in a timeless way keeping the shine following these tips:

  • We do not recommend using them in the shower, pool or sea.

  • They are delicate pieces and can be affected after continuous use with liquids such as colognes, perfumes, creams or oils. Also exposure to environments can compromise the integrity of your jewelry, this includes your own transpiration (sweat). We recommend removing any jewelry before participating in any physical activity or going to sleep.

  • In case it has blackened over time, you can return the initial color:
    To clean it, immerse your jewelry for a few minutes in warm soapy water. Make sure it is a pH-neutral soap. Rub them carefully with a soft toothbrush. Rinse them gently with warm water and then dry them with a soft cloth. You can also use the free chamois* occasionally by following the instructions inside.

  • Check the fasteners frequently.

  • Your jewelry should always be stored away from humid spaces such as a bathroom, and always away from any exposure to the sun. Ideally, a cushioned jewelry box or individual bags, or any container that does not generate an accelerated tarnishing of the pieces.

Soft Condesa is not responsible for the misuse of the piece.




Many of our .925 Sterling Silver jewels are coated with 18 kt gold, this is done by means of a 3 or 5 micron gold bath as indicated in the product sheet. The color of the finish depends on the gold alloy used: Yellow Gold or Pink Gold.
Sterling silver is treated in the same way as white gold jewelry. The rhodium coating adds brightness and luminosity to the jewelry giving it a higher quality finish.


However, Soft Condesa does not guarantee that the gold plating on the models will last forever. Gold plated pieces are more fragile and may lose their color over time. The speed at which this color disappears depends on multiple factors such as the care of the piece, the use of chemicals on the skin, the level of body sweat or even the same PH level of each person's skin. For this reason, it is especially important to take proper care of your gold-plated jewelry.


The most important care you can give your pieces is love.


Cotton product care

  • Avoid contact with chlorine or strong detergents.

  • Wash preferably with cold water and by hand.

  • If machine washed, make it a delicate cycle.


Wool product care

  • Avoid contact with chlorine or strong detergents.

  • DON'T wash at home, DRY WASH

  • DO NOT sweep or brush.

  • Avoid direct and continuous exposure to the sun.


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