Gala Poliscuk

Series Flow

All Gala`s paintings were created by hands only without using brushes. Main sources of inspiration are nature and internal transformational processes associated with specific colors and symbols

The series “Flow”, which has been created through 2018-2020.


Gold is the dominant color of this series. In the ancient art of alchemy, the occult meaning of transformation the metals into gold symbolizes self-realization, and improvement. The world becomes a far different place, once a hidden knowledge is revealed.

Gold is often associated with sun and following qualities:


  • Vitality

  • Life

  • Health

  • Radiance

  • Wisdom

  • Clarity

  • Unification

  • Virtue

  • Light


Gold is used quite often in Christian art to convey divine love. It grows within the earth like a plant, and considered to have purifying, vitalizing, and balancing current of energy.


Each work of this series conveys specific message and feeling, often associated with certain colors or symbols, which could be also met in various cultures, religions and art.

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